Payment is due at time of service. The following payment options are available for Jessica's services:


PayPal account required

Credit card via Square
Chip, magstripe, contactless, ApplePay, DroidPay, etc.

E-giftcard via Square
The fabulous thing with the e-giftcards is that you can have them delivered immediately, or you can have them postdated to arrive in the recipient's inbox ON the special day. I have preset amounts set for $35 (30min in-office), $65 (60min in-office), $95 (90min in-office), and $150 (3pk of 60min in-office); custom amounts can be designated for $10-$500.

Purchase via Square store
You can purchase several of Jessica's services through her Square store, including prepaid packages.

Recurring invoice via Square
Square has a nifty option to set up recurring invoicing. Jessica invoices the 25th with payment due by month's end for the following month's massage(s). Since it is recurring, and paid in advance of the massage, it is at prepaid pricing. Available for outcall or in-office (not valid for Davis Chiro). Contact Jessica to make arrangements.

Jessica doesn't currently fully utilize all the options at MassageBook. Limited online scheduling and payment (via Stripe)--including cancellation fees--can be accomplished with this service.

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