Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday (Weekend) Sale

Promo Code: SICKIES20

I've been sick all week. Help me make up lost income by buying e-gift cards via Square.
The promo code SICKIES20 will get you 20% off e-gift cards $50-$500.
Promo ends 11/27/18. E-gift cards do not expire.

My e-gift cards are available in set amounts of $35 (30min in-office), $65 (60min in-office), $95 (90min in-office), $150 (3pk 60min in-office), and Custom ($10-$500).

Generally speaking, my booking hours are by appointment only M/F 9a-1p, M/Tu/Th/F 5p-8p at Cosmic Connection in Mooresville, NC.