Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Classes: Pampered Self-Care

This class was originally developed for an on-site series focusing on compassion fatigue by the Nurse Education department at Alamance Regional Medical Center circa 2009. It is a one-time class that can be presented to your small group, neighbors, department, etc and runs about 30 minutes, depending on level of discussion.

I will be identifying and explaining tips and tricks that you can do for yourself to help lower your stress and pain, or at least maintain your current level without it getting significantly worse. Some points may be familiar and merely needed a reminder, some may be new to you. A half-sheet handout is included to help remind you of what we covered.

A "Self-Care Starter Kit" is available for purchase for $10. The kit is not required, merely a convenience for those that would like to have it all together instead of collecting the pieces individually. Kit includes a dishpan, pool noodle segment, lacross ball, tennis ball, back brush, decorative marbles, and epsom salts.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Shades of Love 2017

Saturday, 12-13 August 2017
4p-8p both days

160 Stumpy Creek Rd
Mooresville, NC

This is an annual community event celebrating the diversity of life in our community, and appreciation for all people. It is also a candid photo shoot to spread positive images to help counterbalance the negativity frequently portrayed through media and entertainment. Proceeds from chair massage will be donated to Shades of Love LKN towards their efforts with the homeless students at Walter G. Byers Elementary, and with other projects in the more local communities of Iredell County. You'll find certificates for in-office sessions at Cosmic Connection in some of the raffle baskets.

Shades of Love LKN is a community organization, and future non-profit, started by Heather Edmunds (of Moments by Heather Edmunds) in response to the three consecutive days of shootings highlighted by the media in June 2016. It's purpose? "Helping to bridge our communities and our country through action, acceptance, understanding, and love." Heather's efforts with Shades of Love LKN truly exhibit the spirit of #bethechange #startwhereyouare and #whatafewcando; and provides further examples that #blacklivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter are not mutually exclusive.

Under the auspice of Shades of Love LKN she spearheaded #FeedaFireman for Mooresville Fire & Rescue to provide some 120 meals for all three shifts working the Christmas 2016 weekend at every station in the department. In February 2017, after a chance encounter with a field trip group, she rallied an amazing 400 pairs of new shoes (and socks!) within three weeks for the K-4th grade students at Walter G. Byers Elementary in Charlotte. I've been told that this, and 15 other schools like it in the Charlotte area, have student bodies composed primarily of students coming from homeless shelters. Somebody call Ellen!

Feeling generous? You can donate directly to Shades of Love LKN:

Friday, August 4, 2017