Thursday, July 7, 2016

Outcall Massage

Massage in the comfort of your own home! My magnificent purple table, or fabulous yellow chair, will come to you. Payment due at time of service: Cash or Card. Can be prepaid. To purchase e-gift certificates via Square visit

Outcall Table Massage:
     60 minute          $90
     90 minute          $135
   120 minute          $180

Outcall Chair Massage:
     30 minute          $45
     45 minute          $67.50
     60 minute          $90

The Fine Print: Outcall is on a trusted referral basis only--if I don't know you, or who referred you, we aren't scheduling an outcall session. The State of North Carolina does not permit massage past 10pm. Don't share your sickies; I won't share mine. If I do not feel safe for any reason I am leaving--no refunds. Any requests/threats regarding sexual favors will result in police involvement and no refunds (it's sad this still has to be clearly stated). Intake paperwork is required by state law (standard client health information forms emailed through HIPAA-compliant MassageBook).

Outcall is priced at $1.50/minute.