Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lunch-Hour Chair Massage

Want my fabulous yellow chair to visit you at work? Chair massage is a great addition to existing employee wellness programs--or a fantastic way to start one!

Lunch-Hour Chair Massage can be a one-time treat, or a regularly occurring event; employer-paid or employee-paid (or both). Payment is required at time of service: cash, card, PayPal, or company check.

Company paid: $50/hour. Employee paid: $5 for 5 minutes, $10 for 10 minutes, etc.

The Fine Print: Minimum total to schedule: $50. Once the date/time is verified as available a Google Form will be sent, and a $25 booking deposit (applied towards total due at event) will be required. If $50 minimum not met at event, future events will be required to prepay in full.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Physical Education at Home

This clip made its way across my facebook feed last week and it renewed my interest in trying to figure out a calisthenics program for my family. I cannot find, at this time, anything describing Coach LeProtti's technique or schedule of activities, beyond the fact that they only did 15 minutes per day--perhaps that information will make its way to the masses once the full film is completed. However, I did come across Maximum Potential Calisthenics out of Sydney. There may be lots of others out there with similar/better/worse sites and instructions, but my brain processes Dave Mace's approach with ease.

So today, the first day of summer break for my kids, I was intent on getting them started with some calisthenics. We're wimpy lumps of skin so our goal at the moment is to work up to Dave's five reps of five. We talked briefly about what calisthenics are, about Dave's guidelines for a proper push-up to prevent injuries, and lined up along the dining wall where I attempted to assist them with lining up straight (not locked) arms and straight bodies. Attempted. Mutiny ensued and I sent them away.

They do not realize that we will be doing it again tomorrow morning. The new goal is to accomplish Wall Push-ups this week.

On a side note--I think it would be awesome if they generated a La Sierra/LeProtti app that had the exercises and the levels of achievement. It could have a component that showed others in your vicinity and their progress to invoke that competitive/morale aspect of the original program that might spark community gatherings of calisthenics in the park. It would also be nice to have a family tracking component for those of us with non-device kids.
Side Note #2: In my brief quest for information on what Coach LeProtti was doing in his acclaimed physical education program I came across an article about the La Sierra Program on Lean Berets. They also have a series of posts for Fit Kids that I need to work my way through.

Some other interesting tidbits that I've happened upon this past year regarding body movement and mechanics are Primal Strenth and Posture, and Ido (whom I found because of Holistic Lifestyler--found Holistic Lifestyler because he liked one of my instagram pics).